Flight insurance:

You enjoy our health insurance for anyone who flies with any of our aircrafts. this indemnifies you and this is just one of the ways we say, we have you covered.

  Bank information:

Comapny London, UK 10, Firs Avenue, Muswell Hill IBAN: 567890234598645968

Charter Plans

Boeing 737

$7000 Per Hour
  • Seating Capacity 8
  • Crew Capacity 2+1
  • Range 4017NM
  • Service Ceiling 35,000ft/10660m
  • Max Cruise Speed 504kts/933kmph
  • Max payload: 14000kg
  • Cargo Door Height:6.75ft
  • Cargo Door Length:11ft

Beechcraft B200

$6500 Per hour
  • Seating Capacity 6
  • Crew Capacity 2
  • Range 920NM
  • Service Ceiling 35,000ft/10660m
  • Max Cruise Speed 260Kts/534Kmph
  • Cabin height:6.08 ft/1.85 m
  • Cabin width:8.17 ft/2.49 m
  • Cabin Length:28.42ft/8.66m

Additional information:

Getting to that all important meeting, location or engagement haven’t been so easy. Not with all the stops and checks that are seemingly frustrating. We pride ourselves in getting you there in record time as our flight crew and ground crew and synchronized to give you a rare experience.

We implore you to give us a try today and we assure you of qualitative service delivery. You can look through the other links and our FAQs page to get further clarification and if you are still in the dark, call in to speak with our customer care representative.