Exclusive Air Charter Services

At JedAir, each of our customized aircrafts flies up to 11 guests at once.
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Air Cargo & Logistics Services

JedAir cargo service provides professional international air freight forwarding service.

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Acquisition & Delivery

JedAir assists corporations and individuals in acquiring new or pre-owned jets.
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Maintenance Services

We believe a good maintenance culture assures safety over hazards.

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Consultancy Services

JedAir expert aviation advisory and support services enable you to manage your aviation operations.

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We are poised to deliver excellent service and this is one of our value added mission statement.

Speed & Accuracy

At JedAir, we believe that in an increasingly multitasking world, we have to expand our efforts to reach and understand the clients we serve.

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We service a wide range of clients from every major city in the world and they enjoy same quality, everywhere.


From Africa, Asia, Europe, The Americas and every major continent in the world, our services cover that reach comfortably.

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Our call center representative are on deck to answer every of your questions and direct you on how to fly with us.

Service Delivery

We pride ourselves on giving you client service that’s second to none. Courteous and proactive client service is our drive.

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